Afrosmiu Custom Mod ETS2

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Conditions for the use of Mods or other graphic works downloaded and / or purchased from the site:
1) Your purchase CANNOT be given to third parties as a gift without the written authorization of the authors.
2) Your purchase CANNOT be resold to third parties or distributed for "exchange" use.
3) From each of your purchases on our site you will NOT be able to profit by trying to modify the files.
4) The mod or other purchase on our site are ONLY for personal use and for the enjoyment of the customer. Inside any mod or other 3d work the name of the buyer will be inserted, both for a better way of passing on the updates purely personal future, that any plagiarism against our creations regarding the aforementioned items in order not to find you by law in unpleasant situations, unjust even towards other buyers.
5) If the mod is SHARED, you will have no UPDATE and no right to request a REFUND!
The refund is not possible for the mod once you have downloaded it, this means that the download of the mod would remain with you, so the refund is not justified.
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